Sistine Chapel Here We Come

January’s ceilings led Bill to the Sistine Chapel.  We have ceilings.  We don’t have the art work.  Nor, honestly, will we.  We will have overhead panels.  They will have vinyl glued to them shortly, but still no creation story memorialized overhead, only in the blog.

overhead strips framed
Ceiling over the galley. The small circles are where bolts come through from the luggage rack and the line organizer on the deck.  On the right, the first door skin panel is in with battens holding it in place.
marking holes in panels
We made patterns out of brown paper. Bill is cutting a hole for the dorade vent on the starboard side.  The boat is back in construction mode with a temporary table set up for the miter saw and/or saber saw.


panels main cabin
After more work, panels in place looking forward. It took a couple of weekends to get this far.  The short pieces of batten held in place with blue tape are where we have aluminum blocks for the hand rails so we can’t just screw the battens into cleat stock. Once the vinyl is glued onto the panels, these short battens will be attached with dummy screws to continue the batten line and dress up the panel seams.
bin cleats for shelves
One of our other projects is installing cleats in place for shelves in lockers. We split up the hanging locker across from the head into a hanging space and a space for shelves. The shelves are spaced six inches apart and will add more usable storage space.
And what would we do without friends? A confectionery celebration from our wine group. We’re hoping they will join us when they can (but wow, they need better photos to work with…).

4 thoughts on “Sistine Chapel Here We Come”

  1. Bill,

    I have been following you and Nina for the last year and change. I picked up my Cascade 36 in June of 17′ – Duchess of Warwick. Your blog and craftmanship have helped me with a few projects of my own, in addition to inspiring me to keep working at improving my boat.

    Thanks for the posts and details. I look forward to your adventures going forward.


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