November Projects

vee berth vinyl
The vee berth with its new vinyl installed.
vee berth shelf
New shelf in the port vee berth locker. It originally had a shelf which got taken out when we installed a holding tank in the locker. When we switched over to the AirHead, our composting toilet, the holding tank was no longer needed. This space will get a little bondo filling to smooth the fiberglass seams, everything will get sanded and painted once it’s all smooth.
vee berth shelf 2
Starting to bondo. This killed off the gallon can of filler. It took two tries to get it to kick. It looks a mess, but it will be fine once a lot of sanding is done.


sail cover
Old faded sail cover tied in place to protect the new sail until the new cover arrived.
sail cover 2
New sail cover!  The Sunbrella color is called Parchment.  The old red sail cover had turned pink over time so red was no longer a color option.  The new one is sewn with a UV impervious thread, Tenara, so Nina should not have to resew the cover together every other year.
sail cover 1
View from the fore deck.  We chose a stack pack cover over the traditional sail cover.  The lines holding the cover up will help corral the sail when it’s dropped.  The new sail is very stiff and is a challenge to get flaked neatly over the boom but once it’s been used, it will drop nicely into the cover without being blown all over the deck first.
port locker fore sides
Engine covers in place and engine blower fan hose installed. The handle makes is easier to remove the panels to access the engine. This is what Bill was working on while Nina was working on the port vee berth locker.
Espar exhaust
Furnace ducting installed. This is the same locker as the engine blower hose, just facing the aft direction. Bill spent a lot of time on his back in the locker reaching up to install various and sundry parts.
port locker aft sides
Port locker looking aft. Bill added lights in the lockers and led strip lighting in the engine compartment. The furnace ducting is finished. When we turned it on, it worked!
instrument cover
Galley wiring cover painted and reinstalled. At the top left is the Maxwell anchor windlass control and on the right a Blue Seas breaker panel for the engine blower fan and engine lights.  Someday we’ll find a better place to store paper towels than on the stove…
head covers
Wiring cover installed in the head. It has a switch for a red night light.
CO detector and smoke detector installed in the hallway outside the head.

That’s it for November.

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