Invierno, it sounds so much better than winter

This has been a cold winter and we have been trying to stay busy with projects that do not require glue or paint. We also took time off to go to the Seattle Boat Show and to visit family in Minneapolis.

The boat show gave us a chance to visit with good friends, the crews of Dromen and Velic. We did order a life raft at the show and we got some neat new fids. We got Selma fids, they are lovely. Nina is happy. They are worth getting if you have any splicing to do.

Minneapolis was cold. We got off the plane and entered the polar vortex. There are reasons I moved away from Minneapolis and -15 degrees, (minus 30 with wind chill), is one of them. The weather did warm up and we left on a day that was a balmy 15 degrees and snowing.

MSP snow
Not the view you want while waiting for your plane. The deicing was cool, but it added an hour to an already delayed flight.
Mt Hood
Mount Hood out the window, we are almost home.

The cold followed us to Portland. We made cardboard mock ups of the table and bookcase. It was too cold to do much else.

table cardboard1

table cardboard2

We also worked on the cleats for the shelving in the hanging lockers.


The shelves will get a front trim pieces. The shelves and lockers will get painted, and doors made. Clothes and linens will be stored here.
happy day
Oh happy day! Bill now has more time for the boat.
Remember that chunk of wood that got laminated up in November? Well, Bill’s first retired project was to head back to Tom’s shop to get it shaped into a new tiller. Those bits to the side are some of the wood that got trimmed off. The tiller is almost ready. Seven coats of varnish later and it’s ready to be installed on Gypsy.
vee berth overhead
Trim strips in the vee berth.
l trim
L shaped trim for the cabin sides getting fitted.

As I write this the weather is finally warming up. We have had two days in the low sixties. Gypsy is going to the boat yard tomorrow for a survey and bottom paint. The nice weather will be great. It also means that you will get to watch more paint dry in the next installment.


3 thoughts on “Invierno, it sounds so much better than winter”

  1. Very good Bill. The tiller looks very strong. All your careful work on Gypsy is coming together.
    Congratulations on retirement. You and Nina will be good to go soon.
    Fair winds,


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