We’re Bill and Nina and we love to spend time on the water. Our favorite way to spend time on the water is on a sailboat. Our boat is Gypsy, she’s a Cascade 36. We sail out of Portland on the Columbia River. We have also made trips north to the west coast of Vancouver Island and to the Gulf and San Juan Islands.

 lifejacketNina started out as a reluctant sailor, but once she got over tipping she has been having fun. She was a geography major which is a great help in reading charts. She now is a children’s librarian. Her other interests include: Books, gardening, guitar, cooking, knitting and sailboat maintenance.

sunnyBill bought his first sailboat when he was 12. He was an art major. He made a lot of art, but somehow also ended up working in a library. His other interests include: Books, making art, classical guitar, cooking and sailboat maintenance.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. I have a on this beauties down in San Diego (#34 I believe) and I’m super stoked to see what you guys are doing here. I love seeing other Cascades just to compare and contrast to mine. I’ll be following this for sure.


  2. I took a photo of your boat on the Columbia. I think it was Saturday August 11th. We were taking ASA-101 class and I recognized your boat from your blog. Its not a great pic but I can send it to you if you want.


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