Floor Show

The weather has gone both sides of freezing. We have had rain, snow and a glimpse of sun. While this has happened we have been working on the galley, cabin sole and the cockpit locker floor. The wood trim and fiddles for the galley are ready to varnish. We just need to find some space at home to spread the wood out in order to get it all done.

Final fit on the galley wood.

We painted the space behind the galley and in the head to get ready for the installation of the wood.

Nina saws
Nina fitting a floor board. She is getting lots of practice on cutting odd angles.  She’s using a short construction saw – oh when the shark bites… (The saw is called a shark saw and the wood has been dulling it, so it is almost a toothless shark.)  Please send your three pennies to Nina for the Kickstarted sharp saw fund.


floor 2
Passageway and vee berth

All of the floor pieces are still loose. We are waiting until the water warms up so the glue will cure.

The other project we are working on is making floors for the cockpit locker. If you remember the lockers were originally lined in yellow shag carpet. While this did pose an aesthetic challenge, the carpet did help keep you from sliding round. Our nice, carpet- free lockers are now very slippery. The floors will give us a flat surface to store things on. They are also the base for enclosing the engine and its noise. The floors require repeated crawling into the lockers with tape measures and scraps of cardboard. The cardboard pattern gets transferred to plywood and the plywood then gets fitted. The result is a floor.

Cockpit floor
Forward port floor getting made in the galley.
Cockpit floor 2
Forward floor is ready for epoxy coating and paint.



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