Home and aboat

It has been two months since our last post. We have been busy working on our kitchen. We are still land based and live in a house and that house has been patient, but it did demand some attention right after Thanksgiving. The attention grabber was when the microwave died.  I think it was feeling left out and it wanted some TLC. The kitchen got a makeover and it is happier.

New floor, range, fridge, microwave and paint. Domestic harmony is restored.

We started 2018 off right, we went out on Gypsy. It was a calm day so we  motored.  No rain and not too cold.

The kitchen under control we are back working on Gypsy. stereo

One of our first tasks was to get the stereo reinstalled. It is in the box above the inverter. We had been using speakers that used to be in Bill’s painting studio. They were head coshers, so we got some cute little speakers. The bigger speakers may get worked into the bookshelf when it gets built.

The two projects we are working on are fitting the floor boards in the head, passageway and vee berth, and the face frames and fiddles for the cupboards in the head and galley. Both are fiddly, as each piece has to be trimmed to fit .

Head sole
Trimming.  Sometimes all a girl needs is a good rip saw.  Brazilian cherry is really hard and it may have done in our ancient saber saw.  Thus the hand tool approach.
Face frame fitting.  One thing we discovered – tenons work best when going into open spaces, not spaces they have to be jimmied into.  Part of the fitting process involved converting some of the tenons into half lap joints.  Otherwise installation with epoxy is just not going to happen neatly (or at all).
Fiddle fitting.  After all the rest of the framing fitting, the fiddles are pretty straightforward.

We did take a break to go to the Seattle Boat Show. It gave us a chance to see friends and to do research on boat stuff. We did get to spend some time sightseeing with our friends.

A neat tree in Port Gamble.
Nina in Port Gamble. Port Gamble was a lumber mill town. It was owned by Pope and Talbot.  Yep, that is a silly face.

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