Week 37: Party and plugging along

It was a quietly intense weekend, if you count a party as quiet.  Thank yous are in order to a number of folks: Country Girl for lending us their slip for the weekend, and to everyone who came to celebrate with us Gypsy’s transformation!  The weekend was not without a moment of drama, though – she is a boat, after all.

Washed and cleaned, Gypsy headed out into the Columbia River just long enough to let Nina move all the fenders from the port side to the starboard.  We headed into our temporary party slip only to discover, on arrival, that the alternator bolt had sheared and that the alternator was now flailing around.  Not good, but we made it into the slip with no other visible damage.

Bill and Gypsy ready for a party!

Party time was lovely, with a nice group of friends from the club and from our day jobs helping us celebrate.  Thank you for all the nice and encouraging comments!  Since we still have to finish the interior of the boat, all the good vibes will help keep us going.

Monday was a day of small jobs.  Tom stopped by and replaced the 1/4 inch bolt that sheared with a 1/2 inch bolt.  We had some pieces of gear to install which meant Bill got to drill holes through the new paint job to fill with epoxy.  Nina got to do a quick sanding on the bilge and we got the first coat of Bilgekote on.  Tonight she painted the second coat, so now we can move on to other things.

The dark holes are for the backstay u-bolts. These are on the port side, there is also a pair on the starboard side. Bill also drilled and filled holes for bullet blocks on the cabin top for the vang and mainsheet. He also added holes for a third reefing block up by the mast.
The bilge, with mood lighting.


2 thoughts on “Week 37: Party and plugging along”

  1. Big steps forward: boat in the water and gleaming, the first post-shop repair, new hardware bolting down. I wish that we could have been at the party to celebrate with you. Randy & Ruth


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