Week 36: White bilges

Last week we announced our party for Gypsy this Sunday. The time is 4:00-7:00 pm.  I hope to see you there. We also continued to work on the cabin.

Wine tasting plans for Sunday fell through so we washed the bilge. Gypsy’s bilge was never painted. It was just bare fiberglass and mahogany floors, the big timbers that span the bilge. Considering that Gypsy is 44 years old the bilges were pretty clean. We wanted to paint them to spruce things up and to make future cleaning easier. We vacuumed them all out and washed them down with TSP. We changed water three times as we cleaned. For cleanish bilges, they still had all kinds of stuff in them.  When the bilge was dry, we sanded, vacuumed and wiped with acetone. We were now ready to tape off and paint.

It is amazing how much each addition of white paint brightens up the cabin.

The primer went on with a small roller and a brush. With the hatches and ports open it was not too stinky. After the party (Monday) we will put on the first coat of Interlux Bilgekote. It is a shiny, tough paint for bilges.

We left the tops of the keel bolts unpainted. This way we can see if rust ever becomes a problem.

We are trying to get all of the projects done that need a clear space to work in. Getting the furniture bulkheads built in means that we know where we can install the plumbing, wiring, insulation and ducting for the furnace neatly and logically. The other thing you can see in the photo is our new LED trouble lights. Nina likes them because they are not hot.  Incandescent lights in a small space are not a good thing for slightly beyond middle aged women. Bill likes them because the bulb doesn’t break if you bump it and Nina is happier.

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