Hot and Cold

Temperatures this weekend got up to about 100 degrees F.  Luckily, cabin fans got installed and we discovered that all that insulation we installed does actually help buffer the heat.

Bill centered between the new fans.  We installed one more in the passageway to the v-berth to help with air circulation up forward. 

Another project, since it finally stopped raining, was to rebed the forward hatch.  The tarp came off, wedges were made out of wood from the cherry tree from our old house, and Nina got to work coaxing it up.  We originally bedded the hatch with Sikaflex and for some reason, did not get enough to get a solid seal.  Probably trying to be neat.  Don’t skimp on hatch caulk!

Cherry wedges to slowly loosen the hatch.  Because it was hot out and the caulk was still pretty soft, this only took a couple of hours get it all unstuck.

Once the hatch was loose, it took another hour or so to clean off all the residual caulk on the hatch and the hatch base.  We rebedded the hatch with white butyl rubber and screwed it down.  Over the next couple of hours and the next evening, we gradually tightened the screws and cleaned up the goosh out.  It’s a slower process than working with Sikaflex, but the clean up is much easier.  And we think there’s finally enough material in there now that the hatch will no longer leak when it rains or gets wet.

Meanwhile, Bill worked away on the fridge.  He tested the fridge to see if it would get cold.  He put a piece of left over foam on top and cranked down the temperature.  It works!  The flange finally had enough two-part white paint on it and was ready to install.

The fridge flange has been glued in place with 5200 with boards across the top to help clamp it in place.  The cavities around the flange will be filled with pour foam before the countertop is installed.

Bill also worked on running yet more wire and water hose.  All the water hose is in place and just waiting for the galley countertop and sink to be installed.

Bulkhead with water filter on the bottom, refrigerator compressor on the shelf.  On the top is the blower for the engine.  The gray box on the right is the autopilot brains.
Galley sink foot pump.  No pressure water, no hot water, but that’s ok.  One of Bill’s evening projects was to rebuild the pump.

2 thoughts on “Hot and Cold”

    1. Ellen,
      thanks, I agree that leaks are a pain. We no longer need the tarp over the hatch so it is useable again. I am becoming a big fan of butyl rubber.
      Your cruise to the Bahamas looked like a lot of fun, way to go.


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