Rain, Rain We Go Away

bilge_pump_ready_1_of_1Since our last snow storm we got a bit done on Gypsy. We got the electric bilge pump wired. We finally have a working electric bilge pump. Yea! We had to build a bracket for the pump and also for the float switch. The float switch was designed to screw into the bottom of the boat, which is not a good idea if you want to keep the water out. In the picture you can see the pickup for the manual pump and the float switch and the electric pump.

We also got the fill and vent hoses on the new water tank. the vent hose stays inside the boat so it cannot get salt water in it. The screen on the end is to keep bugs out, which is important in the tropics.

We also got some more LED lights and we put two in the vee berth. We can now see in the vee berth. While we were doing all of this another blizzard was predicted for Portland. We decided that it was time to head south, so we got an a plane and flew to Seattle and on to St. Thomas. Bill’s sister has a place there and it is a great way to get some warm beach time in. We sent enough warm thoughts back to Portland that the blizzard was averted. Portland only had to cope with lots of rain.

So you don’t feel so bad, St. Thomas also has rain. It is blowing about 20 knots and the rain is horizontal. It is also 80 degrees and the rain lasts for about 10 minutes.
Our goal was to relax so we took morning walks. This is on the hill behind where we stayed. We were two bays from Red Hook and this view is looking west. Bill snorkeled on the beach down middle right.
Another walk view. This is Cowpet Bay and we stayed in the condos on the left. The St. Thomas Yacht Club is in the middle. There was OK snorkeling in the bay.
Cinnamon Beach, St. John’s. A beautiful beach. Good snorkeling. Saw a ray and a turtle.
Magen’s Beach, St. Thomas. Another beautiful beach. There was decent snorkeling by the rocks at the far end of the beach.
Rocky beach behind our condo. Bill saw squid here.
That’s us on the ferry to Water Island, which has a fun beach.
All good things have to end, so we returned to Portland and non stop rain. The ladder still needs refinishing, but the old plywood back is off.
The refrigerator liner is started. The plywood has been fitted and now it will get coated in epoxy and finished with white Formica.
Yes, galley planning has begun in earnest.  This includes details such: as how big should access lids be for the pantry and refrigerator?  How will we design the storage cubbies and figure out what goes where?  And when will it get warm enough to epoxy and varnish?

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