Head and Sole

Boy have we been enjoying having lights on Gypsy. It is not so sunny anymore and the lights are a big help. As the days get shorter the temperature also drops. The Columbia River is down to 55 degrees. Our focus is on what we need to do below the waterline before the temperature gets too cold. West system epoxy, with the fast hardener is supposed to work down to 40 degrees, but I don’t like to have no margin for error.

We worked on the galley refrigerator box,  head vanity and the cabin sole. Last weekend we tabbed in the mini bulkhead under the head vanity. That got sanded and we continued fitting the filler pieces on the cabin sole. Where the plywood cabin sole (floor) meets the sides of the hull, the sole is the fiberglass of the hull. This presents a problem for installing the cherry floor boards. We are going to glue down 1/4 ” plywood to give ourselves a flat surface for the floor boards. We made patterns and cut the plywood triangles out. They got sanded and planed to fit the curve of the hull. Surprisingly, a hand plane worked well.  We also had to sand away the old paint on the fiberglass for a good glue bond.

This is in the v berth. You can see the plywood under the weights. We needed to find a way to hold the plywood down while the epoxy cured. The 6″ by 24″ piece of plywood has about a cup and a half of epoxy filler under it. At the bottom of the photo you can see the fiberglass of the hull that has been sanded and is waiting to get its plywood .
This is what it looked like in the head. The rolls of wire that are waiting to get installed are nice and heavy. Loren, if you were looking for the washers for the docks, we borrowed them. They are now back in the club shop.



The plywood triangles have been sanded and faired.
We also got the back cleat for the vanity counter top installed. 
Nina also installed half the insulation under the vanity. The thru-hulls you see are at the waterline, so everything lower than that is affected by the water temperature.

The galley is also getting attention. The space for the refrigerator got its front panel glued on. We also put a layer of epoxy and cloth on the inside to help prevent moisture getting into the insulation.  No fancy cloth, just the pellon that wrapped a memory foam mattress.

Nina did a great job coating epoxying the fabric. She gets a much smoother result than I do . I just hold the light and mix the epoxy.
Nina had a bit of spare time so she installed the cleats to hold the ceiling panels under the side decks.  Now all she needs to do is get the patterns for the panels made.  And the panels…




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