New Red Doors

Bill and Gypsy’s new hatch boards. Everything is so shiny.

We have always tried to live up to Gypsy’s name. This has meant plenty of color and red doors were one of the first color additions we gave Gypsy. We plan on doing plenty of ocean sailing so the doors have given way to hatch boards. Hatch boards are simple and strong. They also don’t have to be varnished so after getting the Gypsy G etched into the wood we painted them red. The red paint took four coats, but it is very shiny. As with many projects this one has been in the works for quite a while, getting started in October and finally being complete.

Inside view

We have also been working on the wet locker and shelf unit across from the head. We got the bulkhead installed and tabbed to the hull.

We are going to put in slide out bins for clothes and so we needed to keep the bulkhead parallel to the other bulkhead. The front edge is held in place by a cleat along the plywood. The spacers keep the back of the bulkhead in alignment.
Nina tabbed the bulkhead in to the hull and did a great job. The wires at the top go to the anchor windlass in the bow.
We continue to install the wiring back into Gypsy. We are about done running the big battery cables. This is a  picture of the underside of the chart table and  you have 1/0 gauge for the windlass, (which is about 5/8 inch in diameter. 2 gauge for the inverter, which will make AC from the DC batteries and 6 gauge for the battery charger. Nina makes sure that the cable runs are neatly organized.
The quarter berth, back aft of the chart table and next to the engine got more insulation. This is for heat and noise control. The seams are Velcro tabs so the bolts that hold on engine parts, like the fuel filters can be accessed.
One more view of the hatch boards. You also can see our fenders. Nina washed and is modifying the covers so that they are the correct length for the fenders. Now that we have more rub strips the fenders can be tied to the toe rail.  So the fenders are moving to the toe rail as they get fixed. Tying the fenders to the life lines stresses them and is not a good long term solution.

4 thoughts on “New Red Doors”

  1. Wow, you can’t miss that in a fog! You can successfully do colors most of us can’t. We’re thinking of you as we sit here in Friday Harbor. Gypsy is certainly looking sharp!

    Crew of Dromen


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