Opening Day and more painting

Saturday was Opening Day. The yachting season has officially started. We joined the fun aboard a friend’s boat and got out on the river.

A view of the other club boats in the parade.  Mt. Hood in the background.
The Sea Scouts ship City of Roses was part of the parade.
There also were several fire boats.

Once the fun was over we got to work on Gypsy. This weekend was mostly paint prep, which is mostly sanding. We also made some small cleats to glue in to fasten the tops of some bulkheads to the underside of the deck. A piece of plywood was cut out for the front of the icebox area and we made mounting cleats for that. This is one of the few places on the boat that is square.  The plywood will get installed next week.  The exciting part will be checking to see if we can actually get the refrigerator box in the space with the front panel on.  If not, we  change how we put it together.

Sanded and ready to paint with vinyl installed over the foam.
Painted. The more of the old lime yellow we get rid of the better I feel.
More painting
The anchor locker is so happy to be painted that it glows
The box for the engine starter battery is in
Remember the shelves we installed last time?  If you build them they will get used.

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