I’m Gonna Sit Right Down

We finally get to sit down on the job.  The last couple of weeks were spent getting the shelves and seat backs painted and now they are finally installed.

Port settee insulated and covered  with vinyl.  The locker above has vinyl glued in, with an access flap for the chainplates.
And with shelves in.  The forward compartments get so narrow on both sides that we decided to not put shelves in them.
Bill sitting on the starboard settee after the seat back was screwed in place.  It is pretty comfortable. Both sides are installed!  We still need to make the doors and cushions, but it feels like we have most of a project completed.  Having the salon look more finished is a real morale booster, even thought the reality is that we still have a long way to go before it is truly finished.
Insulation in the quarterberth.  The  foam gives it a lovely cavelike feel.  The vinyl has been cut out and needs to be installed. We just need to paint over the old paint.
The pantry bulkhead waiting to be fiberglassed to the hull. The panty now has fiddles on its shelf and is ready for final touch up paint.
This is the mystery picture.  Actually, it’s a mounting brackets for the starter battery box.  The battery boxes, for both the house bank and the starter batteries, are just about finished being painted.  This space is now insulated but we didn’t get a picture.  That photo would be show a finished  space but Nina had an adventure with vinyl when she cut the piece for this and the piece for the quarterberth with the wrong side of the pattern face down.  They’ve been fixed and are waiting to be glued in.

That is all for this week. don’t worry there is more to come.



4 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down”

  1. The shelves look absolutely lovely & I can’t wait to see the shots of them all booked-up; and also to take a peek at some of the titles you consider worthy of such special stacks!


    1. Oh, there will be a super selection covering boat repair, wiring and knots. We will probabally branch out into bird and fish guides too. If you are looking for a fun read to take your mind off of boat work Chris Pavone’s new book The Travelers is a good thriller.


  2. Having access to your chain plates is great! We had to cut inspection holes in our boat to see ours and I suspect we’ll have to cut even bigger holes when we take them out to be inspected closely and possibly replaced.


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