Week 29: Bom-Bom-Bom-Ba-Bum


We arrived at the boat shop Sunday morning and we saw Gypsy with her hull painted. The Perfect soundtrack would have been Also Sprach Zarathustra: we were like the cave men finding the stone and it was good.

A view of the name. It turned out swell.
Gypsy’s name was originally on the stern.  We’ve moved it to the sides. Painted in metallic black, it sparkles in good light.

Energized about the paint job we focused on the work we needed to do. Nina worked on getting the dodger ready for paint, filling small imperfections and papering the underside. I worked on the spinnaker crane. There was more machining of parts and sanding. While I made piles of aluminum shavings Nina mounted blocks on the mast for the line controls for the whisker pole car. We also put the second Nicro vent on the deck and got the manual bilge pump mounted in the cockpit.

New engine panel. The cover on the left is for the emergency bilge pump.

Monday we installed the engine panel and the plexiglass door that protects it.

Nina installed the locker lids for the port and starboard lockers and the propane locker.   The locker lids look a bit anemic but it’s because they need their coat of non-skid.  The remaining locker lid needs a paint touch up, so it did not get installed yet.


We both worked on the main companion way hatch and the sea hood.


I also installed the blocks for the Monitor wind vane control lines.

You can see the blocks on their custom wedges. You also can see how the hull and deck colors work together.
You can see the blocks on their custom wedges. You also can see how the hull and deck colors work together.  Beige actually turns out to be very creamy!
One last shot of Gypsy.
One last shot of Gypsy.

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