Week 1!

It’s been a crazy busy week and we are at our one week anniversary at the shop.  The good news:  Gypsy’s in better shape than we are.

More bottom paint removed.  How to make a smallish boat seem much bigger.

Tuesday we worked on stripping the boat of yet more hardware and Bill continued to rediscover the joys of sanding bottom paint.  Dante does indeed need to add more levels.  More of the bottom paint gone.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I did the day job while Bill and our eldest son Marsden continued removing hardware, thru-hulls, disconnecting the engine for removal and grinding more bottom paint.  Friday morning was back to the day job for all of us and in the afternoon Bill and I took off for Bainbridge Island to stay with friends and fellow sailors Jerry and Joy. Saturday was the Seattle Boat Show where we looked at a few new sailboats, decided that we were quite happy with our old one, and met up with Tom from Becker Enterprises to find ways to spend money.

Sunday, we headed home and then back to grinding and removing more stuff.  It is hard to conceive just how much stuff is on a sailboat until you have to take it ALL off!  Chris, from Becker started working on sanding the hull to deck joint.  Dry for the most part – no expensive surprises, hooray!

Hardware off with resulting holes and lots of fiberglass dust.
Grinding down and filling holes and more holes.
Tom and his moisture meter.
Tom and his moisture meter standing next to the wet bit in the sheer clamp.

By the end of Monday, there’s a bit of wiring left to remove, the stove brackets to put in a bag and tape to the stove that is now in Tom’s basement, and a few more thru-hulls for Marsden to pop off (which most did quite easily, yikes!).


No more fuel tank.  There is still carpet on the ceiling and starboard side.  The blotchy patches on the right of the photo are where other carpet was peeled off already.  The center bottom of the photo is where the engine sits. The fuel tank was the last big thing to get out and by the end of Tuesday, it’s out.

3 thoughts on “Week 1!”

  1. One of my forever Dreams was to have a boat like yours—now I’m wondering if I would have had the energy you two have . KUDOS!


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