Its Monday morning and we are going to haulout Tuesday. We are getting the day planned to do all the last minute things we need to do. It is 9:00 am and Nina says, Jeanne just called and can Gypsy get hauled this morning? The schedule just moved up a day, but we have been waiting so long to get this done that we say sure, we can have Gypsy at the boat yard by 10:30. We are librarians, we don’t mess around! We jumped in the cars and headed to Danish Marine to drop off a car and then to Rose City Yacht Club to get Gypsy.

empty_boatEmpty boat, on the way down river.

at_the_liftIn the lift at Danish. James is driving the lift and Cedric is on deck.

Bill_mastBill is laying on hands hoping the mast will ascend.

mast_cartIt worked, the mast is on the cart.

liftingNow it is Gypsy’s turn.

flyingI can fly! (just ignore my scummy bottom).

friendsBill and Nina say a very big thank you to Randy and Richard for helping to get the mast ready for the truck.

on_the_truckGypsy and her mast are on the truck and ready to go. Thanks to Tim from Norgard Kirkpatrick’s Boat Hauling for getting Gypsy safely to Becker Enterprises.

n_M_BeckersIn Becker’s shop, Nina and Marsden are hard at work.

n_M_Beckers_2Oh oh, they saw the camera.

grindingDante needs to add grinding bottom paint to the Inferno.




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