Punta San Telmo

Dolphins swimming by Gypsy as we left San Telmo.

When we stopped at San Telmo last year, we anchored on the south side. This time, because wind and swells were still coming from the southwest, we stayed on the north side. We’d thought about stopping at Los Gatos, another small bay with south west protection, but there was a couple of boats in there already. San Telmo is an incredible bay with lots of hiking, good kayaking or paddle boarding, and the landscape is jawdropping, like most of the Baja coast. While we don’t know much about Baja geology, the hills, cliffs and rock formations are amazing, nonetheless.

During the couple of days we stayed here we kayaked in to walk up the arroyo with Jo. The greenery starts with palm trees to the left of a hill and there is an easy sandy path we followed for about 30 minutes before heading back. We had dolphins and a humpback in the afternoon. We ended the day with a beach fire and potluck with Rocinante and Jo. It was the perfect way to end a wonderful day with new friends. The next day, we got in the dinghy to take pictures, Nina driving and Bill shooting over 400 photos of the bay. You get the highlights. You can click on a photo within a set to get a larger view.

Sierra de la Gigante Mountains behind the beach.

Thick-Leaf Drymary, Ensenada el Cardonal, that we forgot to put in the last post.

3 thoughts on “Punta San Telmo”

  1. Hi Bill and Nina, Can I contact you outside of this blog? I also have a Cascade 36 that I am refitting and had a question. Tim Lesher PDX


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