Do you want to know where we are?

We have been asked, is it possible to know where Gypsy is? The answer is yes most of the time.*AIS (automatic identification system) is something big ships have been using for years. The AIS transponder on a ship sends out a signal that says here I am, my name is xxxxx, this is my course and speed.
Small boats like Gypsy can also get a transponder. We may or may not show up on radar, but we will be seen on AIS.
There is a website called they collect AIS data and display it. You can search for a boat and find out where it is.
The problem with a name search is there are a number of Gypsys and Gypsy varients. You can also search by MMSI number, which is a unique identifier assigned to a boat. If you have a Gypsy boat card you have the MMSI, if not it is 367591410.
You can also create an account and add Gypsy to your fleet. You will get daily emails about our location.
* If Gypsy is offshore, it is likely that we are out of range so you won’t get any updates untill we are back in range.

Bill and Nina

5 thoughts on “Do you want to know where we are?”

  1. Couldn’t really figure out how to search MMIS on

    Maybe you meant the URL was

    Peter FitzGerald 3425 NE 25th Avenue Portland, OR 9712-2508

    (503) 522-6973



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