Bon Voyage

One of the things we agreed on early in our boat ownership days was that projects were okay, but the boat had to be sailable.  That kind of got put on the hard so to speak for the past four or five years.  We now have most of the major projects done.  It’s time to go sailing.  We headed up to the the San Juan and Gulf Islands on Gypsy for a short three week shakedown cruise and to meet up with friends on Drømen.  There will be more about that soon.  Meanwhile, there’s a Bon Voyage party to invite you to before we head south. Hope you can make it.

Bon Voyage Party

Bill and Nina are sailing Gypsy to Mexico

Saturday, September 7 4:00-8:00 Rose City Yacht Club

Photo credit: Jerry and Joy, Drømen

It’s a potluck party, drop by and see Gypsy.

Please RSVP

Rose City Yacht Club, 3737 NE Marine Drive, Portland

Gate code: 572637# (Kramer on a phone keypad)

And you may have noticed we’ve changed the title of the blog.  We hope it reflects the direction our project is taking.

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