Barkely Sound, part 4 Cool Rocks -Dempster Island

We spent two days in Ucluelet. Groceries, propane, diesel, water and laundry were taken care of. We did get to go to the aquarium where we learned more about the sea life we had been looking at in tide pools and while rowing around islands.

We left Ucluelet early Saturday morning. We were heading to Jacques Island, which is in the south eastern corner of the Broken Group. We had been told of a good spot to anchor there. It was another overcast day with very low clouds and some fog.

low clouds
Looking west, a small island in the Broken Group and low clouds.
islands and clouds
Looking east at the mountains behind Barkley Sound.
islands and sun
The sun is starting to break through. It must be getting close to lunch time.
Nina knitting
While I do the hard work of telling the autopilot where to steer, Nina knits.
Dempster Island.

We passed Dempster Island getting to Jacques Island. Dempster Island has very interesting rocky shores. We got to Jacques Island and anchored in a cove on the south side of the island, about a half mile from Dempster Island.

After lunch we launched the dinghy and rowed around Dempster Island. Click on the picture to get a larger image.

Colorful Gypsy at anchor.
Francis Barkley
The next morning we saw the Frances Barkley. The Frances Barkley and the Lady Rose carry passengers and supplies down the Alberni Inlet and Barkley Sound.

4 thoughts on “Barkely Sound, part 4 Cool Rocks -Dempster Island”

  1. Beautiful photos. I’m glad that you are having a great trip. We go on our first land yacht voyage at end of September for California.


  2. Beyond beautiful, if That’s possible. A panel of these photos should be printed and sold!! The water is always so enticing and Real!! That photo of Nina is perfect…good shot and also of Gypsy.


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