Gypsy in Barkley Sound, part two

We wanted to anchor between the west side of Turret Island and two small islands. This is a sheltered anchorage and it was close to some good beachcombing. When we got close to the anchorage we saw another boat from Rose City Yacht Club, Nepenthe, a Cascade 42. Nepenthe invited us to raft up with them and we had a sociable evening. We got several suggestions of places to visit also.

These are some pictures of where we anchored. The tide is down so you can see some of the rocks that are covered at high water. You can click on a picture to get a larger image.

The next morning we wanted to row over to Trickett and Lovett Islands. At low tide those two islands and the two small islands in between form one land mass. It is a good place to go beachcombing.

This is the chart of the area we are in. It is a Canadian Chart so the depths are in meters. the white area is deeper water. Blue is shallower water and tan is dry land. The asterisks and plus signs represent rocks. I have added a red A where Gypsy anchored. The green B is where we landed the dinghy to go beachcombing. It is about a mile from A to B. The purple T is where the big tree is.
beachcombing 1
When we landed the tide was coming back in. When we returned about 90 minutes later the water was up past where Bill is standing. Yes, the dinghy was anchored.


We landed on the sheltered side of the islands. We did our beachcombing on the more exposed side.

We had to do a bit of wading to get back across a low spot that now had about a foot of water over it. You do have to watch the tides. We launched the dinghy and rowed back towards Gypsy. We kept on rowing and landed in a small cove on Turret Island that has some very big old trees. There is a path through the woods to the trees. The woods were very calm and quiet, a peaceful retreat from the wind and waves.

After a late lunch we headed off to our next stop at Turtle Bay.

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