Mid February: Back on the boat

It’s finally getting warmer here in Portland and our thoughts are turning toward insulation.  Not really a sexy subject as temperatures warm up, but the temps were definitely in the range where contact could be made.  We’re using 1/2 inch Armaflex, a type of neoprene, as our insulation.  Nina made brown paper patterns, cut out the foam and we were just waiting for a weekend warm enough to make the contact cement actually work.  Oh, and there was potential for painting, as well! It was a busy weekend.

Bill applying contact cement.
Bill applying contact cement to the hull side.  While this was drying, he painted a coat of glue on the foam piece for that locker. We installed over twenty pieces of insulation to different parts of the boat.

Most of the locker insulation has been cut out and installed in the salon and the v-berth.  We still need to figure out the insulation for the ceiling in the salon, the v-berth and anywhere else we will be installing removable panels.

We started working on painting, or at least getting surfaces primed.  The interior has been a mishmash of sanded bits, raw wood and areas needing work for a long time now.  We still have original yellow paint in places.  This is really a strange greeny yellow that would have been perfect on 1950s hospital walls, if they wanted them cheery.  Painting everything a uniform white is lovely.

Starboard settee prep.
Starboard settee prep. Once this has all its coats of paint, we can put the settee top back in place.  Bill painted the pieces for this at home.
Lockers with priming.
Lockers with priming.  Looking better already even in bad lighting.
Pantry with primer and insulation on the lower area.
Pantry with primer and insulation on the lower area.  This is getting done in stages.  A shelf will sit where the blue tape is, so we need to get under it finished before it is installed.  There will also be a bulkhead attached to the board going across the top to separate the pantry from the icebox and this will make access to the lower section of the pantry next to impossible once it’s in.




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