Week 49: and that makes a year.

Along with short days and too much food, now is the time we take stock and try to make sense of the past year. One of the reasons we started this blog was to track our progress as we work on Gypsy so we would not forget what we’ve done.

It has been a mammoth project and it has had its woolly parts.  Our friends keep asking us when we are going sailing and we have to remind them that there is a bit more to do. Our friends are right in insisting that the goal is to go sailing. If we just wanted to stay busy we could take up gardening. Here is a recap of the year.

This is what Gypsy used to look like. She has always been fun to sail.
Gypsy looks a lot better, but we have yet to bury the rail.
The gold shag carpet hull covering is gone, so is the bulkhead heater.
Someday there will be proper insulation, a ceiling and an Espar furnace to keep us warm.

Of course there is a bit more to do. We have started looking at upholstery, wish us luck.

We have been making plywood parts at home that we will install when it gets warmer. Nina has been busy making winch covers with her new sewing machine. I think she likes her Sailrite.

Winch cover started
Detail of elastic bit to go around the top of the winch.
Installing.  This one was too tight, so Nina ripped it apart and make it fit better.  The new version fits, but it was installed in the dark, so no photo.
I think the color, Sunbrella Marine Blue, compliments the paint scheme.

So that is the latest on Gypsy. Have a Happy New Year and we will keep bringing you updates on Gypsy.

2 thoughts on “Week 49: and that makes a year.”

    1. I based the covers on the ones we’d had that were made in Portland (took them apart and resized them for a new small winch and made the others shorter because we no longer have winch bases). The nice feature is that they don’t have to be forced over the sheets because they open up. It does make them more complicated than the Sailrite version, but you can do it!


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