Week 40: Settee and the Shining

One of the goals of this weekend was to get the port settee epoxied in place.  We got all the pieces prepped and ready to go and hauled them to the boat in the rain.

Drying out settee parts.  We had our first real fall rain storm as we were hauling everything down to Gypsy.,
Drying out settee parts. We had our first real fall rain storm as we were hauling everything down to Gypsy.

While we waited for the wood to dry, we cut out a template for part of the lid over the starboard settee.

Cutting templates with a saber saw.
Cutting templates with a saber saw.  Probably not the most efficient way to do this, but we’ve learned to make do with the tools we own, even if they are potentially as old as we are.

Once all the settee parts dried out enough to epoxy, the fun began.  It took us about three hours to get it held together with screws and epoxy.  Next job, tabbing the plywood to the hull with fiberglass cloth and epoxy. Then we get to sand and paint.

The glued in port settee.
The glued in port settee.

On Monday, we made a trip to Becker’s to do some stainless work.  Nina made more rub rails and Bill worked on the rails for the companionway drop boards. Nina definitely had the easier job.  All she had to do was cut the strips to length and shape and polish the ends.  Bill had to round the corners, drill holes and countersink them and then polish.  Getting stainless from rough to polished takes a lot of sandpaper and time, but it looks gorgeous once it’s done.

Polishing stainless.
Bill polishing drop board slides.

4 thoughts on “Week 40: Settee and the Shining”

  1. Another busy weekend for you ! I am glad that you got to work inside with the return of the rain ( which we are glad to see even if it curtails hikes. )


  2. I like “Nina, the foot clamp” helping to make templates. All my templates were also made on-site with a saber saw teetering on whatever might serve as a work surface. New settee looks good.


  3. Remind me: Is the new water tank that’s going under the stbd settee in addition to or a replacement of existing capacity? The new port-side stowage is going to be a great addition!


    1. Yes, the new water tank is taking up 2/3 of the starboard settee storage. This is why we wanted to make the port side storage usable. We are also going to make the cabin table fold up so we can easily get to the storage. The back rest storage is new and will also be a great help.
      Before we just had the built in water tank under the vee berth, so now we have additional storage and two tanks.


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