Week 34: Taking it easy, sort of

Gypsy back at the dock.
Gypsy back at the dock.

It is great to have Gypsy back in her slip. What a difference a ten minute instead of an hour commute makes. We went down on Friday night and had dinner on Gypsy. Sandwiches, chips and a beer. It was great. We did some work too. We put the boom on the mast and set up the main sheet on the traveler to control the boom. We also installed the vang.

Sunday we were back for a day of cleaning. First thing Bill wired up the shore power cord inlet to a temporary outlet so we would have power on board. This let Nina plug in the vacuum.  Bill then washed the outside of Gypsy while Nina vacuumed and washed the inside. The outside went much faster than the inside. When Bill finished washing Gypsy, Nina had finished cleaning the vee berth and anchor locker.

Bill discovered the bag of fender covers that had been dropped off and went to put those on. Nina kept cleaning. The fender covers are bright burgundy. They fit Gypsy to a Tee. Nina thinks they need gold tassels. It was time for lunch so we went home and had lunch.

Aren't the fender covers great!
Even at dusk, aren’t the fender covers great!

After lunch, Nina kept cleaning and Bill installed the furler blocks and the spinnaker tack line blocks on the stanchions. We called it a day and went home.

Monday morning we finished cleaning the cabin. We still have the cockpit lockers to clean, but it was raining and you have to crawl into the lockers from the outside, so we decided they could wait for a sunny day. We did notice that we had installed the vang upside down and we fixed that. This seems to be a problem we are having. I think the solution is to go sailing.

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