Week 32: The Last Weekend


Big things happened this weekend, and it was, if you are not actively working on the boat, more of the same.  When we arrived on Sunday, Tom had the engine hooked up and hoses installed.  We still had plenty to do.  Bill set to work wiring the engine so that it was connected to the batteries, which he had to haul up from the basement. There are 5 batteries and they each weigh 65 pounds.  Nina installed the rest of the rub strips and learned to bend stainless trim.  The dodger was attached, the traveler installed, and the mast had the shrouds attached.  What’s left to do?

The dodger and the traveler installed. The dodger, other than being bulky and awkward to get up the stairs to the boat, went on quite smoothly. The traveler took some readjustment, but worked out fine in the end.
The last of the signature look for Gypsy, the red doors will be temporary. We reinstalled the old doors after touching up the paint and we’ll eventually be replacing them with drop boards. Too many projects, not enough time.
Hoses were installed during the week while we were not at the shop. This is a new seat drain hose connected to the new deck drains.
The autopilot finally bolted in place. Chris got to crawl down into the new tight locker and get the arm bolted in place and install the cable brake to the rudder post fixture. It all looks lovely down there, but there really is no room for anyone larger than a six year-old. We will be building a platform over the autopilot arm so that all the gear that gets dropped in a locker won’t impede the arm.
One of the last things that Nina worked on was re-rigging the mast. All the shrouds went back on. Everything was neatly labeled with tape so the installation went fairly quickly except for bending cotter pins: fussy business, much better done on the ground than in the air.
One last shot from the upper door. The dodger is installed but the doors are not yet on. Most of the rub strips are on and Tom is giving the boat a quick once over.


7 thoughts on “Week 32: The Last Weekend”

  1. I am so excited for you both! To actually have Gypsy back in the water so very soon. I stand in awe of all the work and love you’ve poured into this project. Congratulations!!!


  2. Just stumbled across your site. What an amazing job you guys have done. I own a Cascade 36 as well, her name is Resolute and we purchased her in 2014 after she completed a 9 year circumnavigation with her previous owners. I am currently cruising in the Sea of Cortez with my wife and dog after a much smaller “refit”. Very impressed by the outcome, you guys are true professionals.


      1. Awesome, we are in fact in Guaymas currently for another few weeks. Do you happen to have contact info? Also, if you are interested in seeing a video with a cascade 36 check out our YouTube Resolute Sets Sail. the first of more to come!


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