Week 24: A Bright and Sunny Weekend

We had a couple of parameters we had to work around this weekend.  The boat is all sealed off due to painting.  Tom got the final coat of sealer on the hull and has been busy sanding all the remaining imperfections before applying the paint primer.  Meanwhile, we were pretty much banished from the boat.  This wouldn’t have been so bad except that sanding a hull means tons of dust and the temperatures have been in the upper 90s.  So outside or into the basement we went.

Bill’s project: the mast.  It was outside but we did manage to move it into a shadier spot closer to the shop than it had been in.  Bill worked on several projects on the mast: installing the new spinnaker track and grinding a pair of “ears” off  up by the spreaders.

mast and track for the spinnaker pole.
The mast and the new track for the spinnaker pole.  Very few of the old holes lined up, so more holes were drilled.

Here’s what it looks like installed.

New track on the mast.
New track on the mast with new ends.  The lacrosse shaped thing towards the end is the radar mount.

The radar mount platform was installed. The idea was to install the radar to the platform and then take them off the mast as a unit for transport.  The only snag was that the cable that goes to the radar could not be unhooked while the radar was bolted on.  Easily fixed, but it will mean one more thing that will have to be put together in the yard when the boat is ready to float again.

The “ears” on the mast were major line snaggers, so Bill got rid of the ones on the front of the mast.  We’re keeping the aft set for when we add lazy jacks (lines that will catch the sails when they are dropped).

No more forward ears.
The horizontal scar looking thing – no more forward ears.  The vertical things under it are where the spreaders attach.

Meanwhile, in the cool of Tom’s basement, Nina got to work on the wires that go up the mast. So they don’t thwap around inside the mast, they had to be bundled.

Wrapping the mast wires with cable ties and pipe insullation.
Wrapping the mast wires with cable ties and pipe insulation. Five cable ties, every 8 inches, with pipe wrap every fourth bunch.  The lowers have been installed and the upper set are lined up waiting to be tied.

Yes, it was cooler in the basement, but crawling around on your hands and knees on a concrete floor for hours is rough when you are passed middle aged.  After 287 cable ties, it was ready to be installed, or stuffed up the mast.

Mast wiring ready to go.  Messenger lines were tied to the top and the middle set of wire to help pull them up.
Mast wiring ready to go. Messenger lines were tied to the top and the middle set of wire to help pull them up.  We did have to remove the middle compression post to get everything up to the top, but eventually everything ended up in the correct places.


Ready for primer.
Ready for primer.  Because of the way schedules are going, the top will be painted first.  The hull is masked off with plastic.  The top of the boat really looks different when it’s all one color!


8 thoughts on “Week 24: A Bright and Sunny Weekend”

  1. I’m exhausted just reading about it in all this heat! You’re both true pioneer spirits in your endeavors! Love you!


    1. The spreaders are original. They are aluminum tubes. Stout but not very aerodynamic. We did have new ends made for them a few years ago for where they connect to the shrouds.


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