Week 20: So close and yet so much to do…

One of the drawbacks of spending all of our spare time working on the boat is when we get done we are tired and taking photos is not a high priority. We do want to make our blog posts scintillating, so we always get at least a couple of shots which we then Photoshop into the exciting images you see while you read about our latest week.  One of the exciting things that happened this week was installing the thru-hulls. The thru-hulls are big valves that get put in holes in the hull to let water in or out. You can shut them so if something goes wrong you can stop the water.

Thru hull installed.
Thru hull installed (looking from the outside of the boat).  Tom has since fiberglassed over them in so they would be flush with the hull to reduce drag.
The same thru-hulls from inside the boat. From left to right, the galley sink drain, sea water in to the galley for rinsing, sea water for engine cooling.
Head sink drain and bilge pump drain.
Head sink drain and bilge pump drain.
Transducer mount for speed, depth and temperature readings.
Transducer mount for speed, depth and temperature readings.

We also worked on other stuff over the week end. More holes were drilled and cast with epoxy by Bill. These were for the GPS antenna, the BBQ fuel hose hatch and the fuel tank fill. More of the cabin was sanded by Nina to get it ready for painting.  Not quite finished with it yet, but it was a hot weekend (think nylon bunny suit and dust flying every which way.  The teak trim for the companion way was drawn out (such a simple sentence, such a complicated thing to make).   Tom cut U-shaped pieces in teak and Nina figured out how the ends needed to be cut.  The inside lengths and shape are different than the outside bits, so figuring out how that would all work in one piece of wood did actually keep her awake at night.  We also painted the rest of the cockpit lockers.  One coat of slippery bilge paint on and one to go (and the places we missed because crawling around awkward tight places trying not to get paint in one’s  hair does tend to leave missed bits).

The fuel tank re installed in a nice white space. We also worked on mounting brackets for the tank.
The fuel tank re-installed in a nice white space. We also worked on mounting brackets for the tank.  Bill got to design the top board that will be attached to a cleat in the ceiling and to brackets on the top of the tank.

One of the joys of being at Tom’s shop is listening to a classic rock station.  In honor (?) of that, Nina thought we should call this week’s post Blinded by the White.

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