Malecón, Mazatlán. A couple of questionable gringos.

Our stay in Mazatlán began at Stone Island, just the other side of the breakwater into the old harbor. It’s a beautiful anchorage off a long, sand beach. It was Semana Santa, the two weeks of Easter holidays, when all of Mexico turns into a massive beach party. The restaurants at the beach were open, competing bands and sound systems blared out, but the crowds were not huge. There must have been some kind of curfew because by nightfall the beach was empty and quiet.

After a quiet night, the swells started building to an uncomfortable level, so we headed for the old harbor. It has excellent protection against swells. It also has constant tour boats and fishing charters blasting by, and is sometimes downwind from the sewage processing plant. It is not a harbor you want to swim in, but once you dinghy into Club Nautico, it’s a short walk to the old part of Mazatlán. The harbor area was crawling with people, most thankfully, masked up. They were either going on a harbor cruise or climbing up to the top of the lighthouse hill. Past the crowds, there’s EuroBakery, a cheese shop, and closer in is an amazing fabric/quilt shop.

By Easter weekend, there were at least four boats in the harbor that we knew. Dharma Girl and Susimi put together a happy hour at Club Nautico. The Club’s hayday was probably fifty years ago. It’s a little dilapidated but we found a place we could meet up outside and we were able to renew acquaintances and make some new friends as well. On Easter Sunday, we had a ladies hike to the top of Cerro del Creston, where the lighthouse is. The crowd wasn’t big at all. The line to hike it had snaked down the street earlier in the week as it’s a popular thing to do for the locals.

The Monday after Easter a small flotilla set off across the Sea of Cortez for Baja. Gypsy and Dharma Girl were heading to Pichilingue, a bay outside of La Paz. The others were aiming for La Ventana, south of Pichilingue. We tried to sail as much as we could and we dropped anchor 48 hours later near Dharma Girl. The next day headed into La Paz for banking, internet, Allende Books for a plant guide to Baja, some fresh vegetables from the Mercado Bravo, ice cream cones, and then back out to Pichilingue. That evening, Susimi joined us at the anchorage.

Brown Booby. They will circle the boat while it’s underway and dive for fish. They are fun to watch.

5 thoughts on “Mazatlán”

  1. Good to hear from y’all! The CDC just said if ya have your shoots, ya don’t have to wear a mask in most si

    Respectfully, Charles Needles



    1. We are still waiting to get shots. We keep missing the opportunity down here. Our masks are still on in public, and as it gets hotter, they add what feels like 5 degrees F to the temp. Looking forward to not having to wear them!
      Stay well!
      Nina & Bill


  2. Adore hearing about your adventures and you 2 look great!!!! Also love seeing those boobies…we’ve never seen the brown ones. Continue to enjoy your buen viaje!!!! Lisa along with Forrest, Jasmine and soon to be… Baby Genevieve the Pom!!!!


    1. I can never get enough of those pelicans either!!!! Also love those flamingos in the Camargue!!! Continue to have a blast! Lisa, Forrest, Jasmine and Baby Genevieve to come


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